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Saved: Aug 14, 2023

Grammarly, Inc.
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- [Narrator] This is Dave, head of marketing at a ketchup company about to use Grammarly to handle a tight deadline. Two weeks, uh uh, not ideal. Good thing Grammarly's tone suggestions can help move things forward because conveying confidence can make the impossible feel possible.

Now, you just have to tell your team. - Two weeks? - [Narrator] You got this, Dave.

The right positive tone can quickly motivate them because there's work to do, and a new product to launch. Now look at y'all. .

. looking good, team. And here we go.

With a big pitch, you need a little charm. A more personable and friendly approach can help win over clients. Dave, did the right tone just convince them to buy it all?

It did. (upbeat music) It's a hit! It's everywhere.

- You've seen it everywhere. I've seen it everywhere. And look, she's giving disco ball, and it's delicious.

(upbeat music continues) - [Narrator] With Grammarly, getting the tone just right makes a big impact on your team's success. Click the blue button to download Grammarly today. - [Intercom] Customer service on aisle 9 for sparkly ketchup.


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