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[Music] okay class who would like to do problem three on the board please don't be me please don't be me i know miss einstein let's give someone else a try ralphie how about you sofia um um actually [Music] recess saved by the bell what happened sofia i froze in front of the whole class what if i'm not smart enough to do math that can't be true it would be so cool if my brain was like a muscle then i could exercise my brain to make it smarter but i thought we were either born smart or not smart it turns out that's not true some monsterifically cool scientists studied the brain and learned that it works just like a muscle if you exercise your brain it grows stronger which means that anyone can get smarter that's monster [Applause] how do you exercise your brain by challenging it like when you work really hard to understand a tricky math problem exactly okay so we know we can grow our brains and get smarter but how do we do it sit on the couch and eat ice cream do easy math problems all day long do a few challenging math problems what's your answer click here to tell us unadapted mind hurry before time runs out i'm ready for some brain exercises yeah let's grow our brain with some challenging math i have just the thing let's try some addition below ten let's begin what is five plus three we can solve the problem by counting on we start with a bigger number five and then we count on five six seven eight well done now try this one what is four plus six again we start with the bigger number six know the answer enter it on monster math where you can make your very own monster avatar and earn pets for the math problems you get right and parents a real teacher explains any problem your child misses so they can learn all by themselves what will you do next time you face a challenge give up pretend it's not a challenge remember that challenges help your brain grow have an answer click here to tell us on adapted mind oh no do it quick great idea try out super skills for yourself in the meantime let's get back to addition shall we let's do another problem together try this one what is two plus seven click play now to check your answer again we start with the bigger number seven seven eight nine let's try another what is four plus four be sure to click play now to check your answer both numbers are four so start there then count on four five six seven eight and one more what is six plus three hurry this is your last chance click play now to check your answer again we start with a bigger number six six seven eight nine thank you so much for counting with us your child can do more fun munchkin math and learn awesome super dot skills


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