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Saved: Jun 20, 2023

Dr. Squatch, Inc.
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listen up the soap you shower with it you probably haven't even questioned what bar soap you lather up with let's face it most guys don't they're still using whatever bar their mommy bought for her little man is that what you want to smell like mama's little man but now you can upgrade your shower game with dr squatch natural soap i'm talking about natural nourishing cold-pressed hand-cut soap for men men who use their hands men who build things men who open the pickle jar on the first try men who catch foul balls without spilling their beer you won't just smell good either your skin will be healthier and more nourished dare i say soft oh men aren't supposed to have soft skin yeah well men weren't supposed to cry during movies and then they made the movie rudy you want to smell like the forest boom pine tar we've got you you want to smell like the sea boom nautical sage we've got you you want to smell like you just got off a boat in the caribbean boom bay rum we've got you and with six more cents we've got you covered no matter what kind of man you are now you're wondering why have i been doing it wrong for so long during the first world war big soap started taking out all the natural ingredients to make production cheaper and faster they replaced all the natural stuff with chemicals chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate parabens and dioxane but there's good news we make our soaps with natural ingredients from the earth ingredients like oils plants goat's milk greek yogurt oatmeal shea butter and citrus no turn your shower game up to 11 with the smooth lather of gold moss or the exfoliating woodsy bliss that is pine tar get ready to step out of the shower feeling alive still not sure here's a couple reviews from real customers joseph s says this is the perfect bar of soap it's like it was hand crafted in the northwest forest by beautiful tiny elves oh tiny elves isn't enough for you well here's another review from michael a it makes you feel like you just stepped out of a mountain stream and squatch was there to hand you the towel time for you to get the right tool for the job because you're worth it my friend we ship it right to your door and with a 100 satisfaction guarantee if it's not the best bar of soap you've ever used it's on us click the link for dr squatch natural soap real soap for real men or don't and continue to be mommy's little helper that's a wrap all right nice yeah nice did he click it yet did he click the link he hasn't clicked the link i would have heard about the dry sad balls man what's this guy doing click the link man step up your shower game


Let AI breakdown this ad for you and give you the pros and cons

Why Does This Ad by Dr Squatch Work?
The script speaks directly to its target audience of men who want natural and nourishing soap.
The humor and sarcasm in the script is entertaining and relatable.
The script highlights the harmful chemicals in traditional soap and uses a compelling reason to switch to natural soap.
The script relies heavily on gender stereotypes, which could turn off some customers.
The sarcastic tone might not resonate with all viewers and could come off as condescending.
There isn't a clear value proposition other than 'natural soap for men', which may not be enough for some customers.
How Would An Expert Copywriter Improve This Ad?

The script could benefit from toning down the gender stereotypes and sarcasm and focusing more on the benefits of Dr Squatch soap, such as its eco-friendliness, natural ingredients, and sustainability.

Adding in some customer testimonials or reviews could also help bolster the ad's credibility and provide social proof.

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Upgrade Your Shower Game
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Click the link for Dr Squatch natural soap - real soap for real men!
Men, upgrade your shower game with natural and nourishing cold-pressed hand-cut soap from Dr Squatch.
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Dr Squatch