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Saved: Aug 14, 2023

Grammarly, Inc.
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(cheerful funky music) (device dings) - [Narrator] When thestakes are high at work, your tone matters. Grammarly's advanced tonesuggestions can. Help, because when you write withjust the right confident tone, you can meet any challengeto move your project forward.

(computer. Keyboard clicking softly) Grammarly's advanced tone suggestions can help you find just the rightpersonable tone to motivate and build trust. With your team.

(light buzzing softly) (cheerful funky music continues) (bell dings) (computer keyboard clicking softly) Grammarly's advanced tone suggestions. Can help you find justthe right positive tone to close that important deal. (device dings) Yes!

Getting the tone just. Right can help move your project forward when you write it just right. Click the blue button to download Grammarly.



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Why Does This Ad by Grammarly Work?
Attention-Grabbing: The ad starts with an attention-grabbing statement that highlights the importance of tone in the workplace.
Unique Selling Proposition: Grammarly's advanced tone suggestions is a unique feature that sets it apart from other writing tools.
Relevance: The ad emphasizes the relevance of tone in different work situations, such as moving projects forward, building trust with teams, and closing important deals.
Positive Emotion: The ad creates a positive and motivational tone, inspiring viewers to take action and download Grammarly.
Persuasive Example: The ad provides a persuasive example by stating that getting the tone right can help move projects forward and close important deals.
Lack of Specifics: The ad does not provide specific examples of how Grammarly's tone suggestions can improve communication or professional relationships.
Limited Scope: The ad focuses primarily on the workplace and may not resonate with viewers who are not in professional settings.
Overemphasis on Tone: While tone is important, the ad may be overselling the idea that it is the key factor in achieving success at work.
Unclear Target Audience: The ad does not clearly specify who the target audience is, which may make it less effective in reaching the right users.
Lack of Visual Appeal: The ad relies mostly on audio and text, lacking visually engaging elements to grab and hold the viewer's attention.
How Would An Expert Copywriter Improve This Ad?

- Include specific examples of how Grammarly's tone suggestions can improve communication and professional relationships.

- Expand the scope of the ad to include other settings where tone matters, such as personal relationships or online interactions.

- Clearly define the target audience to ensure the ad reaches the right users.

- Incorporate visually engaging elements to make the ad more visually appealing and memorable.

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Grammarly Tone Suggestions
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Click the blue button to download Grammarly today.
When the stakes are high at work, your tone matters.
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